Thursday 20 January 2011

In Which I Get My Ramble On

Hello my lovely, lovely followers! It's Thursday today, which I'm sure you all know, unless you're reading this when it's not Thursday, in which case now you know. Anyway, the point is that I would usually have a review posted by now, and I don't because I'm not very organised (something I am working on, please note) and I just review books right after I've finished them. I really need to train in the art of scheduling posts, I know, but I'm still learning. :) Hopefully I'll have my review up of Nightshade by Saturday though!

I'll stop making excuses now and get onto the actual post.

First of all: OMG I nearly have 200 followers! This is such a great accomplishment for me! I never thought people would really want to read my rambly reviews and just rambles in general and this makes me feel a bit like this:
 (Yeah! Go happy dancing cats! I wish my cat could happy dance...All she does is eat my headphones.)

But that was not the only reason for happiness today! Yeah! Two good things happened today! I got a Hunger Games t-shirt!!! My mum got it for me for Christmas (though it did come a bit late...) and it's brilliant! I've wanted one for ages!! It looks like this: 
It's so cool! And all the words behind the Mockingjay is the Hangmans song. I love it!

Third of all, and on a completely unrelated and random note, have you guys all seen the Darkest Mercy trailer? Yeah, you probably have. Isn't it awesome? I still really need to catch up with the rest of the Wicked Lovely books first though... For some reason Radiant Shadows appeals to me a lot more than Fragile Eternity. If I read Radiant Shadows first will I be really confused? I read Ink Exchange before Wicked Lovely and I was fine so I suppose... I don't really like Aislinn that much, though Seth is just... *swoon* I think I have a thing for fictional goth/emo/punk/alternative boys... Then again, who doesn't? (Probably a lot of people, but oh well. :D) Anyway, the trailers made me listen to a load of Pagan Folk... It's kind of cool really, though I can't understand a word they say (not in a bad way, I just don't speak German, though I've always wanted too...) I have strange musical tastes...

Finally, can you confirm for me that publishers are actually human beings and not robots out to get me (or any other book blogger)? I want to send out review requests and the like, but I'm scared of publishers, and I don't really know any sort of publisher-blogger etiquette. Should I just leave it and wait, or should I try and kind of make them aware that I exist and I'd be more than ecstatic to read the books they've published? Gah! I just don't know...

Thanks! :D

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  1. I share your fear of publishers. Check out some of the Story Siren's posts. She has specific posts for each publisher. That may help. Find links to those posts here:


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