Monday 24 January 2011


Okay guys (and girls). I have reached 200 followers!!! I'm so happy! This is like the coolest thing, and thank you  guys so much for following me! I love you and all your blogs as well :D So yay! And thanks! I can't do a giveaway for it though, but the Entangled/Iron Witch one sort of counts, I think. Well, either way, you people are still super awesome! :D:D

You can check out the giveaway here and if you don't want to enter it, which is fine by me, or already have, then you can just listen to this awesome song I just heard and fell in love with. :)

Sort of reminds me of MGMT and I love them :D

So thank you very very much! And I hope you all have an awesome week :D


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