Review Policy

I would be more than happy to accept books from authors and publishers for review, though I will only accept YA or Children's (12+) for review, in particular supernatural, romance, contemporary, thrillers, fantasy, adventure. I'll read pretty much anything as long as it's YA.
I currently don't accept self published books for review, as I just have far too many books to read at the minute.

My reviews will contain my honest opinion, and I will not sugar coat things if I did not like the book, though if I dislike a book so much, I will probably not take the time to review it. Though I rarely come across books I dislike.

I read around 2-4 books a week and most of the time I'll get a review up pretty soon after I've read a book, though if there is a particular date you would like me to read and review a book by, please let me know.

You can contact me by emailing me at smileycicely(at)hotmail(dot)com  (there is a direct link to my email in my about me page also, if that's easier)

Thank you!

Cicely :)
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