Monday 13 December 2010

Best YA covers of 2010 (Part 2)

So, last week I did a post on some of my favourite YA covers of 2010, and I only did three, and seeing as there are many, many more awesome covers out there, I thought I 'd do another one and then post about my favourite books for 2010.

So, here are the rest of my favourite 2010 book covers (in no particular order, I can't pick a favourite...)

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I seriously love this cover. It is so gorgeous, and it just really fits the book. I look at that cover, and I expect Dragons and kissing. We got dragons and kissing ;p

                                                                                                                  Paranormalcy by kiersten White

          Dudes, I love this book so so so much. Love it. If you haven't read it yet, why not? Isn't the gorgeous cover enough to make you want to buy it?

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare  

I  love Cassie and all of her books, but I wasn't to keen on the Mortal Instruments cover. The cover designer for Clockwork Angel made a winner though. Maybe that's just because I have a thing for London... :D

So, they were some of my favourites this year. What were yours?


  1. You picked all my favorite covers! These ones are great.

  2. I WANT that dress from Paranormalcy's cover. Great picks!


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