Thursday 9 June 2011

Passion Blog Tour: Lauren's Favourite Fiction Fellas

So, I probably could've given this post a better name, but alliteration is awesome. So whatever ;) But look! I'm on a blog tour! How cool is that! :) And seeing as I do like to fangirl about bookish boys quite often, I thought I'd ask Lauren to do the same! Who doesn't love fictional boys! Plus Lauren's kind of an expert at writing them (I love all the boys in her books, though I must say I'm more Cam-inclined ;p) Any way, without further ado! :D

Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind. I love how contentious Rhett’s relationship with Scarlett is, and it’s only that way because Rhett knows her better than anyone else in the world—including Scarlett, herself. In my history as a reader, this was the original tortured love story. Luce and Daniel’s dynamic at the beginning of this series is probably inspired in some ways by Scarlet and Rhett’s.

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. Gatsby is no hero, but I love this book and his role in it. He’s one of the most fascinating characters ever written because he has shaped his life around one thwarted love. Everything rides on Gatsby’s love for Daisy…and that love is utterly impossible. It screws his life and the story up in the most remarkable way.

Peeta from The Hunger Games. Usually I’m drawn to the aloof, diffident bad boy in book—hello, Cam!--and Peeta is endlessly good and sweet. But he charmed me. He came alive through his devotion to Katniss and I was rooting for him throughout the series.

 Mikey from You Against Me. Jenny Downham is amazing. She delivers a 360 degree view of this very honest, very likeable boy in a tricky situation. The plot structure in this boos thrusts the characters into constant, shifting opposition with one another. Because of that, Mikey is fully developed to an extent not often seen in YA love stories. We see all his flaws and all his strengths. He’s so impressively real; I fell for him.  

Thanks so much Lauren! I think we all agree Peeta is such a sweetie, and I certainly fell for him more than Gale, and Mikey sounds brilliant. I love Jenny Downham!

Stop by the lovely Emma Maree tomorrow for the Lauren's next tour stop! 

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  1. Dunno about Jay (even though Kristan's laptop is named after him) but we're with Kate on Peeta! We also love all the guys in ENTWINED by Heather Dixon, Adam from IF I STAY, and Etienne from ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS.


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