Friday 8 April 2011

The Mediator: Shadowland review

The Mediator: Shadowland
Meg Cabot
August 6 2004 (UK [first pubbed in 2000])
Macmillan Children's books (UK)

Suze is a mediator—a liaison between the living and the dead. In other words, she sees dead people. And they won't leave her alone until she helps them resolve their unfinished business with the living. But Jesse, the hot ghost haunting her bedroom, doesn't seem to need her help. Which is a relief, because Suze has just moved to sunny California and plans to start fresh, with trips to the mall instead of the cemetery, and surfing instead of spectral visitations. 

But the very first day at her new school, Suze realizes it's not that easy. There's a ghost with revenge on her mind ... and Suze happens to be in the way.

So, I've never read a Meg Cabot book before (I know! Can you believe it?!) So I thought it might be time pick one of her books up. I've heard awesome things about The Mediator books (that, and they didn't have any others where I was), and it really was awesome! It was everything I expected to read. BA main character, sexy ghost hanging around, infuriating lack of them not getting together, lots of ghost butt-kicking. It was pretty cool. I regret not starting this series earlier.

First of all, I really liked Suze. She was pretty sown to earth, your regular teenager. That is, of course, except the fact that she can see ghosts. And talk to them. And send them to the 'Other Side', wherever, whatever, that is. And when she was getting her Mediator on, she was pretty bad-ass. But not so bad ass that it was ridiculous. That she was never vulnerable. Because she was, she just didn't want to admit it. Which is fair enough. 

Second of all, Jesse. I, for one, would not oppose to having a smouldering, sexy, ghost living in my room. I mean, c'mon, he even has his chest out most of the time! I don't care whether he's dead or alive, either way he is HOT. (Though, not in a literal sense. I don't think ghosts have body temperatures.) On top of that, he was also lovely, if not slightly infuriating at times. Like their relationship. The book is, what, 200 pages and I already want them to get together. But it's not gonna happen, is it. Not until the last darn book, right? How frustrating, not just for me, but for them?! I'm gonna practically feel the tension burning off of the pages of book 3! ;)

I also loved Father Dom and Cee Cee, Adam, Doc and Sleepy too. All so cute! (Well, not Dom, but whatever. He was nice, for an old man. And pretty BA too.) So, Suze moves into this new  school in California, and there's this nasty little psycho ghost there called Heather. Who thinks that Suxe is trying to take over her old life. And when Suze tries to talk it out and get her Mediator with with Psycho-bitch-ghost-chick Heather, (may I add, alone, At night. Sometimes Suze is NOT the brightest tool in the shed.) Heather pretty much loses it. Yeah. Not good.

I'm not gonna tell you anymore because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but Shadowland (or  Love You To Death, as it is called here in the UK) is a brilliant book, and a brilliant start to a series, having plenty of action and all of the grasp of the world you need to want to carry on with the books. I should've read it earlier. I am a fool. Meg Cabot is awesome. 4 stars :D


  1. I'm in the midst of this series and am loving it! I need to read the next, but don't want to finish the series. And, of course, I am with you about Jesse! Great review!

  2. :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I really love this series. Suze is great and Jesse, ah, *swoon* I've read Meg Cabot's Avalon High and the first five or so books in her Princess Diaries series, but The Mediator is by far my favorite.


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