Wednesday 6 April 2011

Dear Grimalkin,

Okay, so some of you might know that Julie Kagawa, author of the most wonderful Iron Fey series, is currently hosting a most wonderful competition on her blog (link here) in which the entrant is meant to write a letter to her (or his) favourite character. And while it was a great toss-up for me between Ash and Grimalkin (which I know would probably not make either of them that pleased, I decided upon Grimalkin. (Though I do love Ash very, VERY much.) Anyhoo, here goes! (As much as I do adore Grimalkin, I feel the need to add that this whole letter is very jokey, and please don't take it all too seriously! ;P)

Dear Grimalkin, 
I feel the need to mention this to you now that this will probably be less of a letter and more of a proclamation for my general admiration for you. If I could write poetry, by gosh would this letter be in the form of an ode, but alas, rhyming is mast definitely not one of my strong points. (Though I know an ode would probably be most pleasing for you) Enough about me though, Grimalkin!

First of all Grimalkin, you won my favour by merely being a cat (which, in itself is no mere thing,) as I am one of those human beings you most likely look down upon, who, that whenever she is faced with such a beautiful cat as yourself, melts slightly on the inside far more than any Ice Prince can do. But the further on I read through The Iron King, the further I understood (or rather, was completely baffled, yet completely enjoying) your mysterious, sarcastic character. And it is this, I think, that I began to love you. (But not in THAT way, because, y'know, you're a faery cat and I'm a relatively normal human being, and I doubt society would be all that accepting of our [or my one-sided] love.)

And then, it was when I was reading the Iron Daughter, I realised something. Why are YOU not the main character of these books? Why haven't you gotten your own spin-off series (though I imagine you would HATE the idea of only being a 'spin-off') because you are undoubtedly the most interesting character of the series (by the way, where DO you go whenever your not with Meghan?). Well, I would buy a whole series about you anyway. Especially if it had pictures of you beautiful catty face on the cover, (not in a creepy way, of course.) I would even pick you over BEN BARNES (if he was on the cover of The Iron Knight.) Now THAT is a true sign of my love, I promise. 

Anyhow, I must end this letter here. I hope I fully managed to convey to you everything I feel, even though I know none of it will be reciprocated. I will just have to fill the gap with non-faery cats in the mean time, which is no fun, because normal cats can't give you riddles. And I love a good riddle. ;)



(So that was longer than I thought it would be. PS, Julie, if you're reading this, please tell Iron Horse how much I miss him! Even in TIK he was one of my favourite characters. I cried. ;'( But he's no match for Grimalkin, of course ;D)


  1. I will tell him. :) And Grim appreciates it, though he would never say so.


  2. nice :) I had the same question (Where does Grimalkin to when he's not with Meghan?) and tried adding it into my fanfiction. Take a look?


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