Tuesday 8 February 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I'd Name My Kids After

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers make lists about books and other suitably bookish things. This week we're listing characters we would name our kids after. :D

1. Alex from Perfect Chemistry. I am obsessed with this book this week. Sorry about that, but I would hope that if I called my son Alex (Fuentes) he would become incredibly hot. Then I could show him off and be all like.... I am just going to shush now. I promise the rest of these will make sense... Maybe

2.  Lena from Delirium. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I LOVE LENA. I WOULD ALSO CALL MY SON ALEX FROM THIS BOOK TOO. (What can I say?! I like people called Alex. Alex F, Alex from Delirium, Alex Pettifer...)

3.  Ellie from Angelfire. As you can already tell, I'm really not calling people this by name. I'm doing this by people's awesomeness. Also, I don't like fancy names. I grew up with one, heck I still have one. Not fun. Not fun at all. So, Ellie because Ellie is awesome and then I might get to have a kid who owns Khopesh swords, in which case I might have to get some myself. *Evil laugh*

4.  Kit/Fancy from Slice of Cherry. I don't have a preference out of the two. If I have twins, that's what they're getting called. No questions asked.

5. Dash from Dash & Lily. Not Dashiell, just Dash. Yes, I want to call a child after punctuation, you got a problem with that? Wanna fight about it? ;P

6. Evie  from Paranormalcy, because if they grew up to be like Evie, I would be sooo happy. Paranormalcy <3

7. Aura from Shade. I like the name Aura. It reminds me of Aurora, and I am a Disney freak. Plus I like Aura. 

8. Logan from Shade. I LOVE LOGAN. I want a son like Logan, only one who wasn't an idiot and took drugs and died. 

9. Jace from TMI. I want a son with Jace's hair. That is all.

10. Tallulah from Withering Tights. I really, really love the name Tallulah, and if I had a mad baby like her, I don't think I would mind.

Now, for some characters I WOULDN'T name my children after. (Not 10 though...)

1. Ever Bloom from Evermore.  Ever Bloom. Ever. Bloom. I would only call my child that if I was an evil woman who wanted my child to live through an eternity of  torment!

2. Any character from the Hunger Games. Okay, as much as I LUURVE the Hunger Games, I really don't like their names... Gale's name is OK, but he is an ass. (IMO) So, I love the Hunger Games, not so much the character names....

That's it from me this loverly Tuesday :D


  1. Jace is definitely a cool name. For the Hunger Games, I only like Katniss's name.

  2. I had Alex from Perfect Chemistry. I love the name Alex as well!

  3. I put Finnick at the top of my potential son-name list, and my boyfriend crossed it off immediately. What's so wrong with it, dammit? That way, he could be Fin, or Nick. Most of the others are a little whacked though. Peeta? Urgh. No.

    And agreed on Evie :) Awesome chick, awesome name.

  4. I'm seeing Jace come us a lot today. I like it! I like the name Dash as well!

  5. Such pretty names. My favourites have to be Ellie, Dash and Aura. *giggles*

  6. Lena and Jace are really good!

  7. I picked Jace too. I love the name and totally agree about the hair lol

    I have to agree with Ever Bloom. Horrible name, just horrible!

  8. Great choices! We love Alex from Perfect Chemistry.

    Reading Lark's Top 10


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