Friday 4 February 2011

Forsaken: The Demon Trappers review

Forsaken: The Demon Trappers
Jana Oliver
January 7th 
Macmillan Children's

Riley has always wanted to be a Demon Trapper like her father, and she's already following in his footsteps as one of the best. But it's tough being the only girl in an all-guy world, especially when three of those guys start making her life more complicated: Simon, the angelic apprentice who has heaven on his side; Beck, the tough trapper who thinks he's God's gift, and Ori, the strikingly sexy stranger who keeps turning up to save her ass. One thing's for sure - if she doesn't keep her wits about her there'll be hell to pay...

Forsaken is an awesome book, and such a great step away from Delirium. It was really something that I needed to read. (And by this I mean it hasn't made me cry yet. :D) Nothing to combat a tragic dystopian than with a good ole' urban fantasy. There's nothing better than reading about kicking demon ass. Also, milk was once described as moo juice. Raise your hand if you think that's amazing. *raises hand* ;p Plus I love it when southern accents are written out, like with all the missing g's and everything. Love it!

Riley was a cool character, but definitely not my favourite from the book. That would have to be Beck. So in case you were wondering, for the time being I am team Beck. Simon is just too Nice Catholic Boy for me. Also, he don't got a southern accent! ;p But I did think that as kick-ass as Riley was (dudes, she caught a Three by HERSELF. Now that's impressive ;P) but I think that she'd been really protected from the world too. Which I can understand what with her father not wanting her to be a demon trapper and all, but still, I didn't think she was a bad-ass as she thought she was. And I just plain don't like Ori. He's creepy. And isn't Harper a piece of work!

The whole idea and the writing style was kind of reminiscent of Morganville to me, which is a good thing! I love Morganville, but I do think it'll take me a few more books to really warm up to Riley and the gang. The book was pretty action packed, particularly towards the last 50 pages where there was explosions and such :) I loved all the Demons too, and I liked learning about all the different types and Grades of demons there were. From the three-inch tall First Grades (I do NOT like those biblio fiends...) to the seven foot Grade 5's. Damn they were evil.

Forsaken was a fun, engaging read, with an interesting world and a lot of handsome fellows which may or may not take your fancy ;P (BECK!!!) I'm definitely looking forward to the next book Forbidden :D 4 stars :)


  1. I have this on my shelf, can't wait to read it! It sounds awesome =] Great review!

  2. LOL. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Beck is a true Southern boy, that's for sure. Some readers aren't fond of the dropped g's and such, but that's the way he talks. Simon is such a sweetie and Ori, well, he's got his own agenda ;)

    Thanks so much for the great review! FORBIDDEN will be out Sept. 2nd. Lots of twists and turns in that one (just warning you!)


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