Wednesday 6 June 2012

Game of Thrones Season Two or Holy Freaking Crap That Show Is Good

Guys. Guys. I need to talk about this freaking TV show (again), okay? Because season 2 just ended and it's literally one of the best things I've ever seen ever. But just warning you, if you haven't seen season two yet, do not read this because I'll probably spoil stuff.

Warnings over and done with, it's time to fangirl! Right, so I know I say this about possibly every TV show I watch ever, but this is honestly one of the best things on TV, and even though I know that I technically shouldn't be watching it, this season actually hasn't been that icky, for which I'm thankful. It's like, for about 4 episodes in the middle of the season there was practically no nudity/gross violence and I started to wonder if I was watching the wrong show! At the same time I didn't really care because it has one of the cleverest plots ever and I needed to spend all of my time concentrating on it or I'd be really bloody confused.

I love how well written this show is, and how well the characters are played and just everything about it. I love that there is no good and bad, and it is all just shades of grey because when it comes to big wars and stuff there isn't really a good and bad, and especially when it comes to fantasy (in my limited experience) there always seems to be the whole good against evil thing. I don't like the Lannister's, or the Greyjoy's, but I don't think that they're evil, y'know? Everyone is doing what they're doing in this show either because they think that it's the right thing, or because it's what they want to do. There is no greater good, and I think that that's really interesting.

And the characters! Rarely does a show make me either love or hate characters like this show does. I've spoken about them before, but I have even more feelings for them now that the season has ended. Like Arya. I loved her before, and I love her even more now. I don't think that there'll ever be a time when she's not one of my favourite fictional people ever, and the whole stuff that happened between her and Tywin (who I think has a bit of a soft spot for her now) and Jaqen (who I seriously need to know more about because WTF was that stuff he did with his face?! That's freaking weird). I love how feisty she is, and I want to be her a little bit. Not in a weird way or anything, I just thing she's awesome. Plus I hope that Gendry stays in it for a bit longer. I like him too! And Tyrion! I genuinely was nearly in tears in the last episode, during that scene between him and Shae. Of course she loves you, you stupid fool! And his whole stunt in Blackwater? One of the best motivation speeches ever. I don't understand how anyone could ever not like Tyrion. He could do the worst thing ever and I'd still find it impossible to hate him.

Also, Cersai freaking Lannister. Okay, I seriously don't like her at all, but she is one of the most fascinating, complex characters in the show (and that's saying something), and her scenes in Blackwater were some of the best I've seen her been in the show. She's a really amazing actor, and she plays Cersai amazingly well. The bit at the end of that episode where she was telling her son the story about the Lion and about to poison him? Yeah. That. And Brienne of Tarth! I actually really like her, and I want to read the books so that I can see more about her, because I wasn't that bothered about her at first, and then she had to start dragging Jamie over to King's Landing and she doesn't take shit from anyone! She's a bad ass, and I'm looking forward to see where their plot is going to go in season 3.

I could spend years talking about the characters alone, but I'm going to stop there. Possibly. I might have to hate on Joffery first. Joffery is the worse person ever and I hate him and why hasn't someone just punched the cockiness out of him yet?! There might have been a brief period where I actually thought he wasn't that bad, but nope, he's just a spineless, arrogant kid and I feel really bad for Loras's sister for wanting to get married to that shit. They're both going to end up dying. but at least Sansa's (kind of) free! I actually like Sansa now, because she kept on very discreetly sticking up for herself, and she's got some sense about her now.

The last two episodes kind of blew my mind a little. The Battle of Blackwater Bay was so intense, and I was so gripped I don't think I could look away. Even that time when that guy got the top of his skull sliced off. I was kind of sad though because I think Davos is dead, and I liked him! But it really showed the true sides of all the characters involved. That Joffery, under all of his bravado, can't face up to war and wanted to hide when given the opportunity,  that Tyrion took charge and ran an attact, that Cersai does actually care for her children so much and would do anything to protect them, that Sansa's not as cowardly as she looks (though she still probably should've gone off with the hound for her own sake. I don't trust Littlefinger.)

And Valar Morghulis! It tied up a lot of loose ends, but it left loads more, and that very last bit with Sam? What the actual hell?! I NEED to know what is happening there. Also, I think Dany is going to stop annoying me know, because she has her dragons back now and she is fierce. Nothing is going to get in her way! Though it probably will. I still want her to get with Jorah though. It won't ever happen, but it really should. 

I going to put a lid on it now, because this turned out being a lot longer than I intended it to be. I kind of have a massive GoT sized hole in my life now, though, so charitable TV recommendations would be very welcome. Especially because I'll have about two months to kill this summer!

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