Monday 25 June 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra And Why It's Not Just For Kids

I know that a lot of you follow me on Twitter, so you're probably all completely fed up with me always going on about this bloody TV show, and I also know that I've been posting a lot about TV shows lately, for which I apologise (but it's my blog so I'll post what I want here), but I NEED to tell everyone about how fantastic I think the show is. This is basically my equivalent of standing on top of a hill, screaming to unsuspecting commonfolk to watch a cartoon.

I don't really think that it'll get dismissed by 'grown-ups' and whatnot, for a few reasons. A) because it kind of is a 'grown-up' show. It has some really dark themes going through it, and it's very easy for people of a wide array of age-groups to connect with the story. B) The characters are older than in TLA, which means that we get all of the awesomeness with extra added teen angst and romantic tension! C) Avatar: The Last Airbender has an awesome fanbase that wouldn't mss this show for the world, and they're all probably a bit older than the target audience (and have no shame in it either, because it is seriously really, really good, and you should watch it too if you haven't already. Though I think some people think it's rubbish because of the film, and to those people I just want to say YOU'RE SO FREAKING WRONG YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW WRONG YOU ARE. Sorry. I feel a strong need to defend it.)

But if you're still on the fence about it, I'm going to tell you (yet again) why you should. Even though it's kind of just going to be the extended of that paragraph up there, actually... God, I probably should've thought about this more. Oh well!

1)Korra. She brash, hot-headed, and the complete oppsite of Aang. All she wants to do is get straight into the fight and duke it out. She can't stand all of the dancing around and being patient, waiting for the right time to strike. But her character development arc is brilliant, and I loved seeing all the different sides of her. She is so much more that some rebellious teenager, and the responsibility she has on her shoulders of being the Avatar terrifies her. I think her problems are things that most people can relate too, and I know that shound insane because people aren't the Avatar and whatever, but all of her problems of identity and belonging are themes that everyone can relate too. That, and she is amazingly kick-butt.

2) Amon and the Equalists. Right, so you thought Firelord Ozai was the worst villian in Avatar history? Wait until you meet Amon. He is scary, he has power, and he's actually fighting for a reasonable cause. He's also a very interesting person, and by then end of the series incredibly human, and, in my opinion, very naive. You never see his face or know his true identity until the last episode, and it IS a shocked. It is also builds up (what I hope) will be a very interesting dynamic in the next series (though I'm not going to spoil it for you, of course). Amon himself is a very interesting person, and I hate him and love hm equally because I genuinley think he's a very well developed villain, and the ending scene with him a Tarrlok on the boat was probably one of the most touching scenes in the series. It was that more than anything that nearly brought me to tears. But the Equalist cause is also really, really interesing, because while essentially they are terrorists, they also have a point. And while they were going about it the wrong way, in trying to oppress benders like the non-benders felt they had been oppressed, it is true that they all deserve equal rights and consideration, and I really hope that this will be the main theme of the whole series.

3) Beautiful animation. This probably seem slightly irrelevant, but if you're a big fan of cartoons/anime like myself, good animation is a really important part of the viewing experience. The action scenes in this series are done amazingly well, and I just love all the visuals. I love the whole 1920's feel they have to it, and all of the new technology, and seeing how those times would be in this world (I really, really, really want to see a third Avatar series set seventy years after this one, just to see how the Avatar would deal in the modern world. I think that would be AWESOME) Also, while we're on the note of the more technical stuff, the music is also awesome for this show. It sets the mood of each scene perfectly, and it's not obtrusive at all. It just all comes together so well on every different level. I love it so much.

4) The romance. I know this may seem a little shallow, and the plot is really the main thing I'm concerned about in the series, but the romance is a million times more prevalent than it was in TLA. And it can get kind of complicated because I think everyone's a little bit in love with everyone, but at the same time it adds a really great dynamic to the show. Though it has turned me off of Mako a bit, because he wasn't a very good boyfriend to Asami, and she really deserves someone who will give her the whole of their romantic attention. Which I why I want Bosami to be a thing. See, if you watched the show, you could make up random ship names with me! It's so much FUN.

5) The 'side' characters. I'm putting side in inverted commas because I don't like the idea that they're any less important than the main characters, because I love them all so much. Lin Beifong (Toph's daughter) is a BAD ASS and I want to be her when I grow up. I also want like a tiny little spin-off webseries about her and Tenzin when they were teenagers, please, because I think that would be amazing. Tenzin's children - Jinora, Ikki and Meelo, make up a lot of my enjoyment for the show, Meelo in particuar. He's hilarious and I love seeing Tenzin in stressed dad mode then super-cool-spiritual-mentor mode. They're just so funny! And Bolin. He's not really a side character, but I want to talk about him. He just makes the show! He's probably one of my favourites (or he would be if everyone else wasn't one of my favourites as well.) and I love how he helps keep the mood light enough for it to be a kids show, even in the really serious moments. I have a special place in my heart for all comic relief characters.

I could literally go on about this show forever, but I'll restrain myself for now, and hope I've convinced at least one person to aybe try the first episode or something. I promise you, you will not regret it, and you can come talk to me on the internet and we can die waiting for series 2 together! Yay! It'll be so FUN.


  1. Yay for Korra! I agree completely, especially about "grown-ups" dismissing it - I actually think older teens and adults would enjoy it more than children! And the film, oh dear. People should just pretend that doesn't exist.

    Bolin's my favourite too! I luuurve him. As you already from Twitter :P. Can't wait for season two! :D

  2. I agree as well - animations like the legend of Korra shouldnt be so easily dismissed by adults.

    Although I have to admit, I liked the orginal Avatar series better so loving all the flashbacks their having in this one. Even if seeing grown up Aang was a bit weird :)

  3. Okay, we've SEEN Korra references all over Twitter, but this is the first time someone has sat down and explained what makes it so great. Thank you! Now if we can figure out how to watch... (Heard it might be on Nickolodeon's site? Or Avatar is on Netflix, so maybe Korra will come soon too.)


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