Friday 24 February 2012

ABC Reading Challenge February Giveaway!

So as you may or may not know, I'm one of the co-hosts for the ABC reading challenge along with Mia from Gripped Into Books and April from Book Geek Central, and this week I'm hosting the monthly giveaway! Yeah, I know that I probably should've done this at the beginning of February and all, but I'm a bit rubbish at remembering to do things sometimes. So deal with it ;p

This month the giveaway will be for a book of your choice of a value of anything up to £8 (or the equivalent in whichever currency) from The Book Depository!  Giveaway closes on the 5th of March, and is open internationally! I feel like with the few giveaways I do I should try my hardest to make sure everyone's up for a chance :) Though I do think with this giveaway you have to have entered the challenge. Here's the sign-up sheet if you'd like to check it out! I will be checking!

To enter simply fill out the form :)

Good luck and thank you for entering!


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