Tuesday 16 August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Heroines

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers make lists about books and other suitably bookish things. This week it's a freebie week so I decided to do my top favourite heroines!

1. Anna from Anna and the French Kiss. What can I say? I love the girl! She's just adorable, and she's the first contemp heroine I've ever really loved, so she holds a special place in my heart ;) (Right nest to St. Claire... ;p)

2.Evie from Paranormalcy. You will see how much I adore this girl when I post my Supernaturally review. Let me tell you this, I genuinely missed her. Her snark has me laughing so much and despite her slightly weird circumstances, she always stays real, and acts real.

3. Sophie from Hex Hall. Agin with the awesome snark! If you couldn't tell already, snark is kind of a winning thing with me. Anyone who can make me laugh, and yet still be vulnerable and normal and all that, that for me is a good character, and that's exactly what Sophie is.

4. Kate Grable from Bad Taste in Boys. I may have only read this last week, but Grable really stands up for team Science Geek. There's nothing better than a nerd and there aren't really a slew (to my knowledge) of characters who still care about their grade while half their school are becoming zombies. Go Team Nerd!

5. Payton from Sean Griswold's Head. Another sort of character I don't really see a lot of, I could relate to her kind of Anal-OCDness, that and she was really just adorable, and a normal kid who doesn't really know how to react to some pretty suckish family news, and she was just great.

6. Ellie from Angelfire. Bad ass chicks FTW! Man, if I could have a pair of those Khopesh swords... That, and Ellie is just a great character. Perfectly bad ass, perfectly vulnerable, perfectly perfect love interest.... But seriously, I love Ellie :D

7. Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. Boy, do I have some serious respect for this girl. She may not be physically strong, but I would not pick a fight with her. She is FIERCE even if she is trapped in the body of on 90 year old... 

8. Katniss from THG. Let's face it, when does THG not appear on one of my lists... ;p Katniss may not be snarky or funny or light hearted at all, but she's bad ass, she strong willed, she's just trying her best to get though in her world...

9.  Suzume from Shadows on the Moon. She's a really interesting character, and while I may have wanted to shake some sense into her a few times (when the girl gets and idea in her head, there is no moving it!) but she's a good girl, just some bad things happened to her... I'm just glad she got the happy ending she deserved :D

10. Remy from This Lullaby. It's not my favourite of Sarah Dessen's books ('cause they're like ALL my favourite.. ;p) But I just like Remy a lot.  She's so sensible! Even if her sense does mean that she doesn't end up with Dexter for a bit longer than she should've... ;p But I love her :D


  1. I agree with most of your list! I loved Anna, and Sophie from Hex Hall is awesome, she's so funny. Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle is pretty amazing too - even as an old lady, she didn't let anyone walk all over her! Great list, thanks for sharing :).

  2. Ooh, I like your list :) I agree with most of (the heroines from the books I've read... ;) ), especially Evie, Anna and Katniss :D And I need to read Howl's Moving Castle - it looks awesome :D

  3. I do love Evie, Sophie from HH, and Katniss (of course)!! Great list!! Happy Tuesday!!

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  4. Great TOP TEN :) Katniss and esp. Sophie from Hex Hall.

    Love it.

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  5. Only read Hex Hall but she's a good choice. and I love sophie in the anime movie and I'm sure she's awesome in the book of Howl's too!!

    The Cait Files


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