Tuesday 10 May 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Biggest Literary Jerks

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers make lists about books and other suitably bookish things. This weeks we're discussing biggest literary jerks! So much fun ;P

1. Andy Evans from Speak. The KING of all jerks. I hope that hockey team did something darn terrible to that pretty face of his, because he totally deserves it. Asshole.

2. Eric from Divergent. He kinda made me feel sick, he was so slimy and power freakish and a creep. Bleh.

3. Jackson Gatlin from Rockoholic. Okay, so he redeems himself at the end, but for like the first half of the book, he was a jerk!  I get he was going through withdrawal symptoms or something, but still! There's a limit! Throwing coffee back in peoples faces and whatnot... 

4.  Patch from Hush, Hush. As much as I love him, he is a jerk. Seriously, he;s kind of creepy too... He should of explained the whole Marcie thing to Nora instead of turning her into a semi-pathetic mess that apparently all girls turn into when their supernatural lovers don't pay them all the attention in the world. *sigh*

5.  Gale from The Hunger Games. So he had his reasons. DOESN'T FORGIVE WHAT HE DID. Besides, he was just kinda a jerk throughout most of Mockingjay...

6. Jace from TMI. I LOOVE Jace. And I love asshole Jace (definitely more so than lovesick puppy Jace) but he IS  a huge douche bag. In a good way.

7. Draco Malfoy. I love him, but he's an asshole.

8. Dave from Anna and the French Kiss. Who is HE to intervene in Anna and St.Claire's obviously budding romance, huh?! 

9.  Kyle Kingsbury from Beastly. He changes, I know, I know. But before all that, I just needed to slap him. So hard round his silly little arrogant stupid pretty face. Jerk.

10. Mr Wickham from P&P. What a douche bag. I feel bad of Lydia, and that's saying something! Stupid jerkface and his stupid sideburns... ;P


  1. Great list. Andy made my list as well. His asshattery is epic.

    Rachel-Endless Reading

  2. Hilarious! Excellent use of douche bag and asshole. Sally.

  3. I thought of Wickham, but ended up going with Willoughby for my Austen character. There are plenty of jerks to choose from in Jane Austen's novels, though!

  4. Totally agree with Number 1! :)

  5. You sure you hated Eric from Divergent, do you mean Peter? Because he was such a terrible asshole!


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