Monday 31 December 2012

Reading Resolutions for 2013

Yes, yes, another end of the year post! Well, it's got to be done, and this is more for me, anyway. Let's take a look at what I wanted to have done by 2012 first though, eh?

2012 Resolutions:

1. Read 100 books. Sadly, I didn't manage to get to the full 100 this year, but I did read 97 so I'm still pretty chuffed with that!

2. Read Harry Potter. I'm going to count this one, actually. I got to the fourth book, so I did start the series, and really enjoy them!

3. Watch Lord of The Rings and read The Hobbit. Yes! This is the only one I think I actually fully achieved this year - and it's the only one I forgot I wanted to do! I literally just finished reading The Hobbit last night, actually. Really liked it, though I don't think I'll review it.

4. Read more comics/graphic novels. Nope. The first Scott Pilgrim book was the only one I got around to reading this year, but I will read some more this year, I think. 

5. Read a classic a month. Ha, epic fail on this one! Should of forseen that, really. I did read a few, but not that many, and I'm not that fussed really. I just feel obliged to.

Resolutions for 2013!

1. Read at least 95 books. Not aiming so high this year because of A levels and the uni panic I'll be having as I start my second year of college, but I would like to read at least 90.

2. Finish Harry Potter. And hopefully by the time that LeakyCon London comes around!

3. Comment more on other blogs. I am literally the worst at interacting with my fellow bloggers, and I always feel really bad about it. A subclause of this is to tweet to more people. I always want to talk to more people, because I used to but then I kind of stopped. I always feel like I'm just being an annoyance, though, and that people don't want to talk to me. It's stupid, but I'm 16 and subsequently paranoid about anything remotely based on social interaction.

4. Finish something I started writing. Not strictly relevant to my reading/blogging, but I have a terrible habit of never finishing any thing that I start writing. So, to finish something that I start, regardless of how long it ends up being.

5. Post at least 10 times a month. I know that it's quality over quantity, but I need to post some decent content and realistically I'd like to have both! Also, post a wider variety of things. I might try out some different memes or try and think of some discussion posts to have, or maybe have some guest posts over here for once (though I don't know who'd want to. I have no ideas about what they could post about either...) Also, go back to doing Letterbox Love! I've just been forgetting about it lately.

So, that's all for now, but I'll add more as I think of them.

I hope you have a great New Year's Eve everyone, and that 2013 is great, or at least interesting!


  1. 100, WHOA. We aim for about 50 (1 a week or so). We admire your ambition!

    Definitely do finish Harry Potter - it's so wonderful! And yay for posting and commenting. :)

  2. I aimed for 50 this year and just finished number 60, so I'm aiming for 60 next year. I don't know if I could do 100! It would be nice! Some people are machines, I swear lol!

    I also hoped to read classics this year. I tried reading Sleepy Hallow and A Christmas Carol both on their holidays but I just couldn't finish it. The writing is something I need to be in the zone for I guess :P

    Good luck with 2013!

  3. 97 books is a great number! Good luck with your reading in 2013 and Happy New Year to you:)

  4. I didn't reach 100 this year either :( And YAY for LeakyCon London!! I wish I could go but I'm in France :'( You'll just have to go for me :P Good luck with all your resolutions!

  5. Number 3 of the 2013 one! I have about three times the amount of twitter followers than on my blog, but NOBODY talks to me, and I'm guessing it must be because i'm a massive loser and people only follow me to laugh at me and discuss what a weirdo i am at all the blogger parties i'm not invited to. ah well. i try.

    Number 4, too! I get an idea, and it's like, YAY WOO THIS IS AH-MAZING I'M WRITING ALL OF IT, and then i write like, two words and get bored and just reminisce in the days following about how great it could've been :/


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