Thursday 6 September 2012

Sorry, Guys

But I think I'm going to have to become an even more unreliable blogger. You may be wondering how that is even possible, considering I barely even post three times a week, but I just started doing my A levels and I think that I'm soon going to be drowning under a shit ton of history essays, English coursework and revision for exams I'm not going to be taking for months. 

So, yeah, I don't know how much time I'll be getting to read and blog and do all the other stuff that I like doing (though I sincerely hope it's more than all of my teachers keep on telling me), and considering I was only posting two reviews a week when I was doing absolutely nothing with my life, it's not looking good. 

Just a brief warning for what could be a lot of breaks and infrequent posts over the next two years! But maybe me being more organised for college will mean that I'll start being more organised on the blog, too. Swings and roundabouts.


  1. Hey, no need to apologize! You gotta live your life! The internet will always be here when you're ready. ;P

  2. I've just finished my first year of A level and to be honest, you'll be fine. The time when it gets the most hectic is around Christmas/January and then in April/May/June. Over those months, I hardly blogged. Luckily I get the train to college so I had time to read then but you'll be surprised how much time you have extra than it seems.
    Basically, USE YOUR FREE PERIODS FOR WORK. So when you get home you can read/blog to your heart's content. Also, you're going to get like D/E/U's in the first few weeks, don't worry. I came out with AABB so you do improve :)
    If you want any more info on AS year, let me know :)

  3. ^ Totally echo the comment above! ^

    Having just finished my AS year I can say it gets difficult sometimes! just use your free time to study or at least go over your notes. :)

    I have just started a book blog. I could have not picked a worse time because I have to apply to uni for November!

    Good luck at college :)

    New Follower :

  4. Go do your college thing, Cicely! Have fun! Meet new people! Just don't forget me, hahaha ;)


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