Tuesday 20 December 2011

Lauren Oliver News!

So, you've probably seen about this already, but Lauren Oliver has released a new novella set in the world of Delirium, about Lena's friend Hana. It's (aptly) called Hana, and is coming out this Christmas time, possibly (though don't take my word on this) exclusively for the Holiday season, and it is available for a very reasonable 99p! Here is the lovely cover: 

Isn't it prettyful! Don't go away yet though, Hodder are asking us to hold back on buying it until Christmas Eve, because they want to give Lauren Oliver the gift of being number one on the e-book charts for Christmas! Which is lovely, don'tcha think? If you want to know more, click through on the banner on the side of my blog, and it will (fingers crossed) take you to the Hodder website. Or you could just google/Amazon it if I fail at making it work. Which is a possibility. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Do you know if you can read this without having read Delirium? I have yet to read it (hopeless I know)! Thanks :)


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