Monday 29 April 2013

A Short Break

Hello, my lovelies. Just writing this to let you know that once again, exam time  has come a-knocking, and because I am a good egg, I have to prioritize my education over my blog. I'm not taking a full on break, and I'll try and post when I can, but it'll probably be even less frequently than usual, especially seeing as I just plain haven't been reading as much. So, yeah. 

But I'll still be on the internet, as per, mainly because I don't know how to revise without wanting to bang my head repeatedly against my bookshelf and I have to take frequent breaks from it to keep myself from dying. (I am not a good reviser. I think I've already done more revision for my AS levels than I did throughout the whole 5 years I spent in high school and it is NOT FUN.)

Sorry for that rant! So anyway, yeah, a break. That was the point of this.

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